Do you want to go?

Can scouts/parents please email David Fisher with your intentions re AJ2019:  going, not going or undecided.


Need more information?

Check out the powerpoint presentation from Scouts NSW.  It contains many answers for you.



What are the requirements to attend?

  • Be a scout
  • Have not turned 15 on 4 January 2019.
  • 10 nights under canvas with Scout section on scout activities with at least 3 nights achieve consecutively
  • Have earned the Pioneer badge
  • Be approved by the Scout and Group Leader:  interpreted as consistent attendance from now until AJ2019, >50% of Friday nights in each individual term, >50% of available camps, attending the shakedown camp.  We appreciate Scouts have competing extra-curricular activities to scouting but consistent attendance at Scouts is expected as a condition of attending AJ2019.