Medium / Premium Christmas Tree plus a Christmas Tree Stand


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Get your medium / premium Christmas tree and your Christmas tree stand in one purchase.

Our medium / premium Christmas trees are freshly cut and delivered early on Saturday morning to ensure absolute freshness.

They are 6′ high and, while not the biggest, are taller than most people.

They are premium trees, meaning they are thicker, bushier than most trees around.

Webstore customers are welcome to come and select their tree at our hall at 1A Beaconsfield Parade Lindfield on Saturday 7 December 2019 between 8:00am and 9:00am.

Medium / premium Christmas tree

Christmas tree stand

Xmas tree stand

Our tree stands are the Cinco Classic for trees up to 8′. The water reservoir holds almost 4L of water and the stand has a clever deep spill guard molded into it.

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